MDAG.com Internet Case Study 48

The MDAG Dynamic ARD-Onset Simulator:
Spreadsheet-Based Model and Instructions/Examples

by K.A. Morin


Morin, K.A. 2017. The MDAG Dynamic ARD-Onset Simulator. MDAG Internet Case Study #48, www.mdag.com/case_studies/cs48.html

This MDAG Internet Case Study is available as two files:
Instructions/examples (as a PDF file ~0.9 MB), and
Excel Spreadsheet-Based Model Version 1.0 (as an xlsm file ~0.2 MB).  IMPORTANT: If the spreadsheet does not dowload, or appears as garbled text, see the next paragraph.

If the spreadsheet will not download, there may be a browser-specific issue or a security setting preventing macro-enabled spreadsheets. In this case, download:
Excel Spreadsheet-Based Model Version 1.0 (as a zip file ~0.1 MB).
Many thanks to Dr. Johnny Zhan for pointing out this problem and solution.

The spreadsheet model includes macros, which are listed in Appendix A of the instructions. The model can be run, but with more difficulty, with the macros disabled.

2017 Kevin A. Morin

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Created by K.Morin