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MDAG.com: Since 1997, Providing Valuable Technical Information on Minesite-Drainage Chemistry and Environmental Geochemistry through the Internet

The 20th Anniversary of This Website,
and the 35th Anniversary of Morwijk Enterprises,
are Being Celebrated by Free Books, Spreadsheets, and Papers


Case Study #44 recently added

Spectral analyses, in the frequency-wavelength domain, provide insights into the interactive physical, chemical, and biological feedback loops that are operative in drainages from minesite components and other reactive geological materials.  These insights cannot be derived from the typical time-domain assessments.  However, due to the lack of spectral analyses of minesite drainage, the identities of full-scale, emergent feedback loops are often not readily apparent.

The book, Spectral Analysis of Drainage ... (see the Important Announcement below), provides information on the characteristics and the identities of some feedback loops.  This is taken further in MDAG Case Study #43 Effects of Water-Retention Structures on Temporal Power Spectra for Drainage Waters, and in MDAG Case Study #44 Geochemical Dynamics and Complexities of 1-kg Humidity Cells.



Free for personal use, the new book entitled, "Spectral Analysis of Drainage from Highly Reactive Geologic Materials" (ISBN 978-0-9952149-1-0), is now available for download here at MDAG.com.

This book contains a novel and unconventional approach for interpreting and understanding the flows and chemistries of field-scale drainages from reactive geologic materials. Recent advances in other sciences are adapted and applied to drainage, with emphasis on emergent properties important at larger scales. As the Preface points out about this novel approach, "Now I understand better what that past work was trying to tell me."

RECENTLY ADDED: MDAG Case Studies 43 and 44 expand on some issues raised in this book, Spectral Analysis of Drainage.


Linking the science of minesite-drainage chemistry (MDC) to other sciences is important for many reasons.  One link that MDAG has made is fractal 1/fα slopes in power spectra of MDC time series.  However, this can only be done with certain MDC databases.  These issues, related MDAG documents, and more are discussed in The Importance of Fractal 1/f Slopes for Minesite Drainage.


We have had the opportunity to collaborate recently with Dr. Getnet Betrie on minesite-drainage chemistry.  He has applied machine learning, uncertainty-quantification techniques, and imputation methods for estimating missing data in monitoring databases, discovering interesting results.  He has also looked at ARD risk assessment under uncertainty.  The published papers are listed here.  Dr. Betrie is currently at Argonne National Laboratory in the USA.


Interested in minesite-drainage chemistry, but not sure where to start? Looking for a basic introduction with dozens of colour photographs from minesites around the world?

MDAG Publishing has released a free ebook by Dr. Kevin Morin, entitled Minesite Drainage Chemistry: An Introduction. This printable ebook in PDF format can be read on many ebook readers, laptops, and desktops. This free ebook can be downloaded immediately, and contains no digital-rights management or security limitations.

Click here, and then scroll down to the link for the ebook.


We have also published many informative papers at conferences and journals, as well as Internet case studies and other books here at MDAG.com.


We steadfastly believe that the environmental effects of drainage chemistry can only be understood, predicted, and moderated by thoroughly understanding past competent work and by carefully studying existing operations and sites. Heed the old words of wisdom: "Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it". Is that why we hear that up to 90% of predictions of minesite-drainage chemistry are too low, leading to unexpected costs and adverse environmental effects for mining companies?  This is why we heavily emphasize real case studies with abundant data, followed by theory and modelling in subordinate roles.


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